What is the most effective way for me to leverage my e-cards this holiday season?

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Answer:When designing your holiday greetings, a well-planned e-card can effectively enhance your public image and may even result in added business in the new year.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when developing your holiday e-card.

  1. Tie in your product or service with a holiday theme. Get to the core of your product or service and brainstorm how you can creatively incorporate your message in an e-card. For example, Siemens Molecular Imaging manufactures and distributes medical scanners including PET-CT and SPECT-CT machines. To show off their products’ capabilities, Siemens technicians scanned a Christmas tree using one of their machines. This image was used in an animated 360-degree rotation in their holiday e-card sent to more than 2,000 customers, prospects and associates.
  2. Take advantage of what the e-card format has to offer. Think about ways you can make your e-card come to life by tastefully incorporating animation or flash. One of the best advantages of an e-card is the ability to link back to your Web site. Give card recipients a reason to click your link or learn more about your latest news.
  3. Make your message viral. Create an e-card that is so special that people want to share it with others. This can be done by incorporating interactivity or including a giveaway, such as a game, a screensaver or desktop wallpaper, for example.

Lisa Dombrowski is president of strategic communications firm Logica3 Ltd. (

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