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The portal, which took a year to develop, was a focus of Maag’s remarks at BtoB’s NetMarketing Breakfast in Chicago in June.

Noting that many Avnet suppliers have produced video of their products for years, Maag said these assets have typically lived either on the supplier’s own Web site or, additionally, on YouTube. But on YouTube they may be lost “in between monkeys wearing dresses and comedy routines,” Maag said.

Avnet OnDemand, which Maag said was the first in his industry, not only aggregates video specific to needs of IT prospects and customers, it differs from YouTube in its ability to give Avnet’s suppliers much more detailed information about viewers.

Regarding the value of the portal to Avnet, Maag said it both enhanced the distributor’s brand as an innovator and, being first, as a competitive differentiator. But he also stressed the value of the portal for driving sales, “not just hits.”

Optimistic about the video portal’s potential, Maag said he plans to “act like a publisher” and try a variety of video formats, including, perhaps, a live QVC-type show.

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