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David Daniels CEO, Relevancy Group BtoB recently spoke with David Daniels, CEO of the Relevancy Group, a provider of market research and consulting services, about b-to-b email marketing trends and best practices. BtoB: What's working particularly well for b-to-b email marketers lately? David Daniels: We're starting to see more video. It's been around for a while, of course, but look at the penetration of YouTube. If a picture's worth 1,000 words, (then) a video's worth 4 million or something. Some of the changes to Outlook, for example, and other email clients people normally use are allowing video to render within the client software itself. (So) for b-to-b marketers who have complicated products to sell—whether it's a client testimonial or a product demo—we're seeing more adoption of (video). The platforms work now, and people can actually render the video not only on their tethered email clients but on mobile devices as well. There's a lot of buzz about video now, so I think people are going to get more serious about it. BtoB: What best practices do you recommend for video? Daniels: One thing is to make sure that when you put the video in the email client—there are different ways to set it up, (for example) so that there's an autoplay—we recommend people do it with the sound off initially and make that the call to action, like, "Hear and view the video on our website." That reduces your bandwidth costs with your ESP but also takes away the shock of video within the cubicle, where people open the email and the audio is blasting. It's a disruption. It doesn't have to be video in a pure sense, even allowing people to go to the website to see and hear the whole thing if it's just an animated gif. That's one of the better practices that we talk to clients about.
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