What is the best way to embed video in e-mail?

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Many e-mail marketers seeking new ways to engage their audience are considering using video in e-mail. Video is popular because senders can achieve higher click-through rates and better user engagement, and can control their brand while maintaining an ongoing conversation. While technology eventually will evolve so marketers can fully embed their video into an e-mail, today the best practice is to host the video outside the e-mail content with a play button graphic embedded into the text of the e-mail. This allows the recipient to have a visual call to action without affecting the deliverability of the e-mail.

With advancements in e-mail tracking and design, marketers can easily embed the play button into their e-mail content, host it from a branded landing page and track results in real time. This is powerful, considering how it will maintain a conversation with the audience and provide the marketer a useful tool in measuring the ROI of each and every campaign, video and landing page.

While there are many video hosting applications available—both free and subscription-based—consider a subscription-based model with a hosted solution so you can track results, achieve higher search engine optimization and control your brand, as well as the content that is viewed alongside your videos.

Neil Berman is the founder and president of Delivra (, a provider of e-mail marketing software and services.

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