The end of the one-stop shop?

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In January, Wright Ferguson Jr. took charge of, an online community for the advertising industry, as president-USA. Prior to joining, he was president of Ferguson & Associates, a sales and marketing consultancy, and spent 15 years as exec VP-group publisher at Adweek. MB: How do you think the relationship between marketers and ad agencies is changing? Ferguson: There are few important points on what's not changing. The musical chairs of agencies and clients switching partners is crazier than ever, and one of the main reasons is the CMO has a tenure of under three years, [so] when the new CMO comes in, out go the old agencies. But there are some benefits [to the constant switching of agencies], because there's all this specialization in the agency world now, too, [digital, search, PR] and the old days of the one-stop agency that could handle all this stuff are almost gone. MB: How do you intend to build the brand for the ad and marketing industries? Ferguson: Our growth will be part of their growth and use of our platform. We have a variety of products coming to market, including an affiliate program, that gives us the ability to put our content on the sites of marketer associations, and Agency Radar, where you can monitor the latest activities of an agency that you've got your eye on.
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