How can you ensure that you’re effectively tracking unique click rates on the same URLs within your e-mail creative?

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Answer: To ensure you’re getting the most out of your marketing efforts, it is important to keep comprehensive data on the results of any online marketing campaign. By keeping track of various campaign performance aspects, online marketers can manipulate future campaigns to increase success rates.

Specifically, in e-mail marketing campaigns, tracking unique click-through rates provides valuable information on optimal link placement as well as the effect certain designs have on a recipient’s likelihood to click.

It’s common for markers to place the same URL multiple times within an e-mail copy—we all know three is the magic number—but having the same URL can make tracking difficult and can often skew results. One way to track the same URLs placed in various locations within an e-mail is to redirect second and successive instances of the URL, then track them uniquely.

This will help you to tweak and improve e-mail creative for future campaigns. For example, the data might show that links placed within designs are ineffective while the links placed directly under product photos generate the highest rates. By tracking the click rate for each strategically placed URL, e-mail marketers can determine the best placement.

Jay Kulkarni is CEO and founder of Theorem (, a provider of technical and analytical services to digital marketers.

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