Epson America, Long Beach, Calif.

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Company: Epson America, Long Beach, Calif.
Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, San Francisco
Market: IT managers
Quick chase: Every now and then, we're reminded of why the Web is such a powerful sales and marketing tool. The landing page for Epson's printers is as entertaining as it is engaging. The somewhat ordinary banner invites visitors to discover their “Epsonality.” A click lands visitors in the “Epsonality Laboratory” where they can indicate their printer needs on a series of four sliding scales. A scientist in a white lab coat appears to be plugging the data into a bank of computers that analyzes the results. Based on the input, Epson then recommends one of its line of printers, complete with all the specs. Visitors can order their printer online or they are given the names and locations of the nearest dealers. Clue: The interactivity of these pages is incredible.
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