Excerpts from the Twitter Panel at BtoB's Digital Edge

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Some people who use a search term I monitor are not my followers yet. I can't direct message them, so how can I get them to become a follower?

Should you have a company logo as your Twitter picture or a personal photo?

What are your thoughts on using corporate vs. personal employee accounts?

Gartner says microblogging is sliding into trough of disillusionment. Any comments?

Is there a different mix of tweets for a B2B vs. a B2C audience?

What do you think of using a scheduling service like HootSuite?

Where do you typically look for news content?

How do you handle people who persistently tweet negatively about your company?

How did you grow your following on Twitter?

What are your thoughts on tweeting as company brand versus tweeting with a personal name?

What are some best practices to promote our Twitter account through multiple channels?

Should agencies tweet for clients in the first person

Our business requires non-disclosures and we can't talk about anything we do for our customers. What should we tweet about?

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