When do you expect to start seeing a recovery in terms of increased marketing investment, and how are you preparing for that?

Anita Liskey, managing director-marketing and corporate communications, CME Group

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“Among other things, the financial crisis effectively changed everyone's priorities almost immediately. Though CME Group was not as negatively impacted as the broader economy, we still had to re-evaluate our initiatives, both to generate cost savings as well as to ensure our messages and tactics remained appropriate in the new environment. As we move forward to what we hope will be better times, we are facing a pent-up need to invest marketing spend in initiatives that were eliminated or postponed from last year. Global branding as well as our leadership positioning—initiatives such as our annual Global Financial Leadership Conference in November and our CME Group magazine—remain priorities to increase investments and visibility. We also are looking at how to leverage social media more. One thing we want to ensure is ROI, so investing in the right measurement and evaluation resources, particularly as we expand our marketing efforts into new markets, will be essential to our strategies going forward.”
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