Experian's new CMO brings clarity

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Name: Deborah Lowman-Zuccarini Title: Chief marketing officer Company: Experian, Orange, Calif. Goal: "I want to help our customers actually make CRM work. So often, it's a 50,000-foot subject."
All too often, customer relationship management initiatives come to resemble home remodeling projects: pricey, drawn-out, frustrating affairs with no clear end in sight. Deborah Lowman-Zuccarini, Experian's new chief marketing officer, aims to change this perception.

"CRM initiatives typically fail for lack of a written plan," said Lowman-Zuccarini, who is the first CMO at Experian, a database and CRM company.

Another common blunder is a myopic focus on technology, she said. It's a gaffe that can kill an otherwise good CRM plan. "People focus on technology too early and too often," she said.

Experian offers a wide range of marketing services. "We can help on credit reporting, to marketing services, to customer data integration," Lowman-Zuccarini said.

Experian's focus on CRM reflects the software's higher profile among upper-level managers as a means to deliver a good return on investment. "It's coming to the attention of CEOs and CFOs," Lowman-Zuccarini said. "They have more choices and less time."

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