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BtoB: Why is video becoming more pervasive in b-to-b marketing?
Gunning: The interactive overlay that people are using with online video is starting to get very sophisticated. Plus, video is being shot just for the Web. Combining the two, it means a much richer experience. So now, if you're using video to demonstrate a product, you can have other features laid over the video like adding a form for someone's e-mail address or a link so they can download more information. You can even be commerce-enabled so you can make purchases right from within the video. It makes it a lot more useful than it was before.
BtoB: How is the growing mobile market changing the way marketers are using video?
Gunning: Our experience with mobile is completely opposite of what you might think. As opposed to companies distributing digital assets to their customers' mobile devices, it's customers who are sending video in to companies—even b-to-b—who are then turning around and using that video as a customer tool.
BtoB: What's going to be the biggest change this year for b-to-b marketers?

Gunning: Search. Searching across a video file can still be very difficult for some. This is where the overlay becomes very important. You need to be metatagging the video, too, so if you show someone pouring a glass of wine, you need to tag it—wine, glass, red, pour. Then the video can be found. Also, smart marketers will start relying less on YouTube, which has become a dumping ground for all things video. Targeted distribution is going to be important so you can post on your own site and specific sites that your target audiences are visiting. Finally, we're going to see a lot more people shooting video just for the Web. While b-to-b marketers have gotten a lot better when it comes to quality, there are only 10% that understand that you just can't throw video you shot for television or another marketing purpose up on the Web. There's a whole education process that has to happen when you shoot video specifically for online.
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