How Facebook tabs can support your direct-marketing efforts

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Before customized Facebook tabs, there wasn't much branding possible with a company Facebook page. But now with this popular feature, companies have the ability to engage more with their Facebook audience, add more branding to their pages, gain more e-newsletter sign-ups and offer special promotions to their Facebook network. Facebook tabs are customized pages for your company's Facebook page. You can view them by clicking on their links that are located on the left-hand side of the page. Use these tabs to promote specific products and campaigns in order to make your social media marketing efforts more effective. If you're new to Facebook tabs and are unsure of how you can use them to your company's best advantage, here are a few ideas you might consider when trying to improve your Facebook company page: • Welcome page. If you have a Facebook Badge on your website, have it link directly to a “Welcome” tab on your company's Facebook page. It gives the visitor a more professional introduction to the company page rather than having it jump straight to the company's Facebook Wall. If you do develop a “Welcome” tab, add in a “Like Us” image so your visitors remember to hit the “Like” button right away. This will keep them connected with your business via Facebook. • Reward your audience. What customer doesn't want to feel appreciated and recognized? Create a tab that offers a special promotion or discount exclusively to your Facebook audience. It can simply say something like, “Mention this promotion when you talk to a sales rep,” or, “Cite this promotion code when you place an order.” The possibilities are endless and these special deals will give your Facebook audience more incentive to keep visiting your page for future deals. • Free offers. If you want to increase your Facebook audience and activity on Facebook, why not entice them with a free giveaway? It doesn't have to be anything major or expensive. The giveaway can be as simple as “Download our e-book,” or something more elaborate, such as the offer of an electronic device. Create a “Giveaway” tab on Facebook, promote it through your other marketing channels and watch your Facebook network grow. • Promote a service or product. Create a tab that highlights your newest services and products. By doing this, it will drive more attention and inquiries for this particular product. This helps keep your page updated and it gives your Facebook audience an easy way to find out what is new with your company and what you offer. If your business has an e-commerce capability, you can add this in for your audience to purchase directly from the Facebook page. • E-newsletter sign-up. If you want to be able to inform your audience of company information, dedicate a tab to newsletter registrations, allowing direct signups from Facebook. It saves the effort of getting visitors to leave Facebook to go to your website to sign up. Customized Facebook tabs are a great way to add more information, interaction and branding to your Facebook company page. Take a look at some of your favorite Facebook pages to see how other companies are utilizing these features. With these additions, companies are able to incorporate Facebook into major marketing campaigns, and as an effective marketing and sales tool. John P. Foley Jr. is CEO-CMO of social marketing consultancy Grow Socially ( He can be reached at [email protected]
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