My favorite pedometer: Omron HJ-720ITC

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This blog post doesn’t have much to do with marketing or with b-to-b for that matter. Or does it? Maybe it is a form of marketing when one of Google’s top engineers – and celeb blogger in the search world – raves about a specific gotta-have gadget right down to the model number. We’re not talking about online Google gadgets either. We’re talking a gadget you can hold in your hand, or rather, strap on your waist. We’re talking about a pedometer. In his blog post, Cutts waxes poetic – complete with smiley emoticons -- on “the best pedometer” he has ever tried. Heck, the guy even suggests some improvements to Omron for its next iteration. In just a few days, the post garnered 61 comments, including several readers who said they will purchase the product. If that ain’t word-of-mouth marketing, I don’t know what is.
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