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Publication Publisher URL Est. Circ.

Advisor Today The National Association of 85,699 Insurance and Financial Advisors

CFO CFO Publishing Corp. 450,050

Barron's Dow Jones & Co. 301,230

Bloomberg Markets Bloomberg 217,727

Bloomberg Wealth Bloomberg 53,263 Manager

Business Finance Penton Technology Media 50,000

The Deal The Deal 40,000

Financial Advisor Charter Financial 64,996 Publishing Network

Financial Analysts CFA Institute 73,740 Journal

Financial Planning SourceMedia Inc. 100,101

Global Finance Global Finance Media 50,009

Institutional Investor Institutional Investor 99,965

Investment Advisor Wicks Business Information 68,000

Investment News Crain Communications Inc. 60,408

Journal of Financial Financial Planning 50,247 Planning Association

On Wall Street SourceMedia Inc. 90,362

Pensions & Investments Crain Communications Inc. 49,847

Registered Rep. Primedia Business 95,888 Magazines & Media

Research Magazine Adams Business Media, 95,883 a division of MCA Communications

The Wall Street Journal Dow Jones & Co. 2,101,017

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