Forrester report says marketers will lead agencies in ‘adaptive marketing'

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Cambridge, Mass.—Marketers will lead agencies in a new era of “adaptive marketing,” according to a report by Forrester Research.

The report, titled “The Future of Agency Relationships,” was based on interviews with senior execs at 25 agencies and 18 marketing companies.

It concludes that the industry is entering a phase of “adaptive marketing,” in which marketers must become more adaptable as new channels flood the market and create new ways of interacting with customers.

“Marketers who change their thinking will lay the groundwork for partners that are more agile, can build long-term relationships with active customers and communities, and can use data to drive real-time decisions,” the report states.

According to Forrester, in the adaptive marketing era, the focus will shift from outbound to surround, from campaigns to experiences, and from segmented audiences to individuals.

To meet these changes, marketers will need to redefine the role of agencies, test partners from the nonagency world and create a productive relationship with procurement, Forrester advised.

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