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Challenge: For Fortna, a leading provider of distribution consulting services and warehouse control software, client retention and satisfaction were always important to the company’s success. But with clients all over the country, it found it couldn’t afford the time or money required to travel to different locations and monitor the effectiveness of its services and staff.

The result? Not enough face-to-face fact-finding interviews or feedback, said Marketing Manager Neil Medley.

“Our large projects utilize resources from various internal departments, and client feedback on the performance on each department is critical,” Medley said. “We needed a formalized, faster way of capturing the information.”

Solution: Fortna’s marketing department reviewed different online survey solutions and decided on WebSurveyor, a provider of online survey software and hosting services.

“The software is easy to use, built with a do-it-yourself intention,” said WebSurveyor VP-Survey Tools Group Jeff Beardsley. “Fortna has become even more ambitious and made data collection part of the larger process of customer satisfaction.”

Instead of days of travel, Fortna executives and project managers now see feedback and results almost instantly through online surveys filled out by key personnel on a client’s project team.

“Usually an hour after issuing the survey, I am able to begin collecting valuable feedback on each particular phase of a project, including the performance of the supplied equipment, our software and personnel,” Medley said.

“We ask clients if the project and Fortna employees met their expectations,” Medley said. “We ask what we can improve on and how our trainers and executives can communicate with clients better.”

Fortna uses WebSurveyor to monitor client satisfaction for recently completed projects as well as annual follow-ups with longer-term clients.

Results: “Once small custom changes are made to each survey, it takes 10 minutes to compile the recipients’ address and e-mail the questionnaire,” Medley said. “While previously we were completing two to three client surveys a year, now we can get feedback from 20 to 30 clients annually.”

Medley said clients are more likely to complete the survey when they can use an easy Web interface and complete the survey on their own time. They are also more comfortable giving feedback anonymously. Fortna can almost immediately begin addressing clients concerns in order to improve its services.

“Executives can now base their decisions on objective feedback from customers and not subjective feedback of a manager,” Beardsley said.

Survey results also helped formalize Fortna’s post-project review process and improved communication with clients.

“Not only do we share the information internally, we give feedback to our clients and tell them how we are addressing the issue,” Medley said.

Fortna’s marketing department is now planning to expand WebSurveyor’s use to incorporate its consulting engagements.

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