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Data mining is paying off at Advanstar. In the last year, the company has launched three titles that have all been built out of existing database information: Firstline (for veterinary office technicians), Locum Life (for traveling doctors) and Modern Hygienist. "It was by the far the most cost-effective database buildup we've ever had," Francis Heid said. "And we really used all of the tools we have available to us to make it happen: fax, e-mail, print, phones. Whatever mode was most effective, we used."

Heid noted that the requalification numbers for all three titles have been extremely positive. "We basically built three magazines that people want and need out of nothing," he said, "and now, of course, those titles create various new revenue streams for the company."

Heid is particularly proud that his circulation team matured so much in the last year. "It's to the point where we're taking the definition of our department and broadly expanding it so that we're suddenly a very essential tool for every department in the company," he said. "We're helping every department use its databases effectively, particularly in the sales department."

One of the keys in helping his group grow was naming Joy Puzo corporate circulation director. "She's really helped to guide the department and expand our group's responsibilities," Heid said.

He also heads up the company's fulfillment unit that he said has also taken on more responsibility in building and creating a wide variety of databases.

The fulfillment side is getting more involved with building databases for the company's trade shows as well as for the sales department. "The biggest thing the publishing industry has is databases," Heid said. "We have the ability to help the company grow through our skills and ideas." -Mark J. Miller

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