BtoB banks on mobile, Web tools

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M.B. Christie, head of product management for the Financial Times' in London, joined the organization about 2½ years ago, after a stint as head of product development at, the U.K.'s largest property Web site. She's since been part of the Financial Times' transformation from a newspaper company to a news organization. Media Business: How has that shift occurred? Christie: Well, it was certainly recognition from our board that it needed to put dollars and energy into moving in this direction. MB: How has that affected your operation? Christie: I'm able to have a team that is devoted to finding the best way to use mobile and online tools. Even if smaller organizations can have people devoted to this part-time, it is a great help toward moving things forward. People from the editorial and advertising sides are always coming to us with ideas on projects they would like to do, and we find ways to use the tools we have and emerging tools to do them most effectively. MB: In the current market, how do you balance devoting time to forward thinking and slamming out daily content? Christie: We continually work on making our work flow and process as efficient as possible, with the idea that the time gained is time that can be applied toward forward thinking and figuring out ways to use the tools we have most effectively for whatever projects are under way. We are continually meeting to redefine project priorities and discuss what tools we can use—whether it is mobile or live conferences, or e-newsletters or anything else—to make projects more effective. —M.J.M.
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