Gearing up for lead-gen

People and tech are key

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Sean Griffey, president of FierceMarkets, pointed out that building a business model around lead generation requires more than just technology. “Lead-based campaigns require accountability. I feel too many people in media are afraid of accountability, but I see it as an opportunity,” he said. “Web impressions were a one-size-fits-all model; leads are much more complicated,” Griffey said. “Media people want a technology solution; but, in reality, it takes an overhaul of your operations, and people have to take on new roles.” For example, FierceMarkets previously had people in ad trafficking who produced reports on visitors, page views and click-throughs. That department was reorganized over the past year and a new senior-level manager was put in charge. “This is now a client-facing, customer service function,” Griffey said. “In our organization, these people manage lead-gen campaigns and we train them to respond as a marketer would when a program starts to go sideways.” For example, an advertiser provides a banner ad that brings people to a landing page to register for a white paper. The ad operations people will be the first to notice if the conversion rate is lower than expected. “They have to figure out what's happening. If the ad is not getting enough impressions, they need to decide what to do next,” he said.
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