Goat or Gloat

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Company: Humana, Louisville, Ky. Agency: Northlich, Cincinnati Market: Human resources managers, CEOs Quick chase: The headline-as we read it-says: "8.5% What happens when minds and wallets become engaged." Astride the headline is the image of a man leaping over a field of rocks. None of this comes together for us. First of all, what's up with the 8.5%? And the visual seems out of synch with the notion of minds and wallets becoming engaged. If you read deep enough into the text, Humana explains how an unnamed client company saw its health benefit costs go up only 8.5% instead of a projected 37%.

Chasers' choice: Goat

Company: Unicare, St. Louis Agency: RPA, Santa Monica, Calif. Market: Human resources managers, CEOs Quick chase: The happy face balloon rising above a corporate cube farm works well with the headline: "You're happy. Your board is happy. Your employees are happy. Celebrate now. This may never happen again." Copy immediately makes the point that Unicare is responsible for all the joy. We weren't as happy about the text's appearance, however. Black type on a medium gray background lacks contrast. Try some white. Still, this ad beat the Humana effort.

Chasers' choice: Gloat

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