Goat or Gloat

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Company: Sony Corp. of America, New York Agency: N/A Market: Value-added resellers Quick chase: Granted, Sony is selling an entire line of projectors in this ad, but the problem is the reader doesn't get a good look at any of them. A series of thumbnail images of the projectors accompanied by some of the product specs spills down a single column on the right side of the ad. And the projector at the top of the ad, balancing precariously on the edge of a table, is more an art device as opposed to the genuine article.

Chasers' choice: Goat Company: ViewSonic, Walnut, Calif. Agency: Two Brains Creative, Costa Mesa, Calif. Market: Valued-added resellers, IT Quick chase: When it comes to projectors, we think focus is the name of the game. We like the singular focus on the single model being held comfortably in the palm of a woman's hand. The visual underscores the fact that the projector is a micro-portable. Surrounding the visual are such product features as "1,000 lumens" and "2.2 lbs." Copy follows through nicely on the point that the unit is ultra-light.

Chasers' choice: Gloat

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