Goat or Gloat?

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Company: BenQ America, Irvine, Calif. Agency: N/A Market: CIOs, computer resellers Quick chase: BenQ does a workmanlike job in pitching its 19-inch LCD. The product itself is the hero as it shows a diver coming into a field of clarity on the display screen. There are the logos of the various technologies that go into the unit, bullet points touting features and a short burst of copy. But the ad has all the warmth of a spec sheet. Headline and copy never make an attempt to connect with the reader. Chasers' choice: Goat

Company: Samsung Electronics America, Ridgefield Park, N.J. Agency: Cheil Communications America, Ridgefield Park, N.J. Market: CIOs, computer resellers Quick chase: This ad is cool-looking, cutting-edge. Ads for displays are typically rich with color so as to demonstrate the ess-ence of the product. But this ad for Samsung is almost all black and silver. It certainly breaks through the clutter of ads for displays. Copy makes the point that Samsung is able to build innovative products because it listens so carefully to its customers. Chasers' choice: Gloat

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