Goat or Gloat

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Company: MGM Grand, Las Vegas Market: Business travelers Agency: N/A Quick chase: With a look as garish as the Las Vegas Strip, the MGM Grand tries to lure the convention crowd into its luxurious digs. But the combination of the all-cap, oversized headline and the gaggle of images seems to say loud and obnoxious when the text seems to be touting the hotel's quiet elegance and unparalleled service for the business traveler. Chasers' choice: Goat

Company: Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Parsipanny, N.J. Market: Business travelers Agency: kirshenbaum bond + partners, New York Quick chase: Wyndham puts the focus on the business traveler by featuring a member of the target audience who expresses a critical need: knowing where he is. Wyndham explains that it can lend its guests a keen sense of place with a GPS cell phone. As part of its "ByRequest" program, Wyndham also offers guests free long-distance and Internet access. Chasers' choice: Gloat

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