Goat or Gloat?

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Company: Pfizer, New York Agency: N/A Market: CEOs, human resources executives Quick chase: The image of a human head outlined in chalk on a black slate board frames the headline: "Get well soon? We prefer, 'Stay healthier longer.' " But it sure lacks any stopping power, which is critical in getting the reader to pay attention to the text. The text contains a valuable message about how Pfizer is working with health care providers and governmental bodies to provide better care to patients, and it is well-written, which makes the dull-looking visual all the more unfortunate. Chasers' choice: Goat

Company: Bayer, Leverkusen, Germany Agency: N/A Market: CEOs, human resources executives Quick chase: Bayer delivers a message about its efforts to fight disease, particularly diabetes, on the strength of two adorable little girls in a swimming pool. The image is irresistible, and it's germane because diabetes is a growing threat among the young. Bayer uses the ad to help stake out its position in the health care field. Reverse type against a busy background is risky business, but the art director had the good sense to set it in a simple sans serif face with ample leading between the lines.Chasers' choice: Gloat

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