Google introduces daypart ad scheduling

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Mountain View, Calif.—Google on Thursday said it has released Ad Scheduling, an AdWords campaign feature that will allow advertisers to choose when ads will run. Commonly known in TV advertising as “dayparts,” the ads will allow advertisers to choose the times when they want their ads to run, as well as when they do not want them to run. The choices are hourly, quarter-hourly, and “bulk edit,” in which users select a series of days and then edit the days in that group individually.

Google said advanced features include the ability to modify bids based on time-of-day and day-of-week cycles in campaign performance.

According to the company’s AdWords blog, “Ad scheduling can also help you improve your ROI by ensuring that your ads run when it makes the most business sense. For instance, a local business may only want to run their ads during business hours, or an online retailer may want to boost their bids during their busier-than-normal lunchtime shopping period.”

—Carol Krol

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