Google unveils as-you-type search feature

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Mountain View, Calif.—Google has revamped its search function, allowing users to see predicted search results as they type their queries letter by letter.

Called Google Instant, the feature anticipates search queries based on users' previous searches. The company said on its official blog that the new function could save two to five seconds per search.

In addition to dynamically displaying relevant searches as the user types, the function predicts alternate search results in light gray text in a drop-down list, allowing users to look down and select other choices. Scrolling through the predictions causes the results page to change instantly, displaying different organic results and paid search ads pertaining to the highlighted prediction.

Google said the feature will be rolled out first in the U.S., then expanded to Europe and the rest of the world, with a mobile version scheduled for later this fall. A modern browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, IE8 or Safari, is required for Google Instant.

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