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It takes Clare Hart several minutes to explain the what-goes-where of the restructuring announced last month of Dow Jones & Co.'s Enterprise Media Group.

To Hart, an exec VP at Dow Jones who will lead the enterprise unit, it all makes sense after witnessing both the greater capabilities Dow Jones has developed during her 22-plus years at the company and the increased demands of the marketplace.

"Fifteen years ago, we saw ourselves as a research retrieval service," Hart said. "We were seeing clients coming to us in the early 2000s saying, `We are trying to manage an enormous amount of internal content.' We did see this coming."

The company's enterprise solutions will now be consolidated under three business units: indexes and reprints, financial information services and content technology solutions. The change will enable Dow Jones to better leverage its content and technology assets across the financial services, corporate and government markets and help customers better manage the information. Implementing that strategy would have taken longer had the group not been restructured, she said.

Except for an 18-month break, Hart has worked for Dow Jones since 1983. She started as a computer programmer and has also held positions in product development, sales and marketing.

Until the current promotion, Hart was president-CEO of Factiva, where she had been since its inception. The information service, originally a joint venture between Dow Jones and Reuters, was acquired by Dow Jones in December. Hart will serve as chairman of Factiva's board.

Her background both on the technical side and in sales has served her well, she said, because salespeople and product development and technology staffers feel a connection to her. "The truth of the matter is because sales in our world are so technology-oriented, you almost can't be in sales without having a little techie geek in you," she said. "In b-to-b selling, it's a little bit more of an analytical sale."

Among the initiatives Hart will oversee is the addition of Factiva content and news alert capabilities at Dow Jones Wealth Manager, so financial companies can stay current on topics of interest to their most valuable clients.

Another goal is to deliver real-time content to corporate market clients such as public relations departments. She also wants to expand the company's licensing services capabilities and bring in third-party content such as industry research for customers.

"I see the need to focus on having the best collection of content from a global collection of content," Hart said.

Since the restructuring was announced, Hart said she has been happy with the response she's received from customers and observers alike. "One that really made me happy was good press from Motley Fool," Hart said. "They said clearly this group understands their market and what they need to do to succeed in this market, and it was a great compliment. Customer focus is what is going to make us or break us."

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