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Company: National City Corp., Cleveland
Target audience: Banking customers
Key Web executives: Scott Linabarger, senior VP-Web marketing manager, and Jan Tyler, senior VP-group manager, online banking and bill payment
No. of employees who work on the site: Four in Web marketing group; 200 throughout company
Last major redesign: August 2003
No. of pages in site: Approx. 1,000
Corporate and small-business customers get first-class, full-service treatment online at—everything they would expect from walking into a physical bank and more.
Commercial customers can choose from 25 different online services, including everything from basic treasury management to foreign exchange trades, said Scott Linabarger, senior VP-Web marketing group for Cleveland-based National City Corp. “We strive to provide as wide and deep a Web banking experience as possible,” Linabarger said.
Linabarger and his four-person Web marketing team oversaw a complete redesign of in August 2003.
They manage the content and appearance of National City’s entire online presence, which includes almost 40 different sites under the main site. The responsibilities are distributed throughout the company, he said, with each application tied to business line supervisors.
In addition, the Web effort is bolstered by a sizable, dedicated customer support group and an IT unit that takes care of the technical aspects. The redesign has produced a significant return, Linabarger said.
“We have doubled the number of small-business banking [customers] with and we’ve doubled site traffic,” he said. “We project we’ll receive $4 billion in new online account business in 2004, again twice as much as we did our last fiscal year.”
—Roger Slavens
Shane Ginsberg:
“It strikes the perfect balance between warm and fuzzy imagery and coolly efficient content and features. The content design is clean, very well structured and rigorously consistent. But what makes the site a best-in-class are the small touches of personality. The photography and cursive headers are warm and everyday. The site has all the de rigueur financial services features and functionality—wrapped in a nice, tight designer package.”
Jakob Nielsen: “The one thing I like the most is that the site has a simple and straightforward interface. Everything is very clearly defined for each business segment they have. It’s a site that’s plainspoken on some of the main needs people have. There are a lot of sites that make it much more difficult to go to the services you want.”
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