Hanley Wood builds on niche titles

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Group publisher of Hanley Wood's Remodeling and Distribution groups since 2000, Rick Strachan has been with Hanley Wood since 1992. Before joining the company, he held sales manager and associate publisher positions at Penton Media. Altogether, he has been with publications serving the construction industry for 25 years.

MB: What has been a successful publishing strategy for Hanley Wood?

Strachan: Since 2002, we have really focused on launching titles targeting niche audiences within our segments. Remodeling, which is in my group, is a horizontal publication with a circulation of around 80,000. One of the first subsegments we targeted was Replacement Contractor for the subset that focuses on replacement windows, siding and roofing (22,500 circ.). In 2006, we launched three new titles--Upscale Remodeling, Digital Home and Developer , which is for the real estate developers of large planned communities that make many upstream decisions that affect builders and contractors.

MB: By focusing on these segmented audiences, don't you divert advertising from the horizontal parent title?

Strachan: We haven't found that. If anything, grouping together multiple publications that serve the construction and remodeling segment has solidified Hanley Wood's position in these markets. As we launch these targeted products, some advertisers take dollars out of competitive horizontals and put them with us. As a result, we have increased our market share substantially.

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