Hanley Wood launches print, Web site concurrently

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It's typical in a b-to-b media launch that either print or online leads the way at the start, with the other medium falling in behind. Not so with Hanley Wood's launch last year of Architect.

"We came out of the gate completely integrated," said Peter Goldstone, president of Hanley Wood Business Media. "Previously we would either have print or the Web lead the way, but this time it was simultaneous."

The Web site ( includes several elements that Goldstone said appeal to architects' competitive streak, including peer reviews of projects that allow users to interact with one another.

"Architects care a lot about what others in the business are doing and thinking, and they all want to be on the cutting edge," Goldstone said. "So [interactivity] is critically important online."

The Web site also features blogs, e-newsletters, online forums and webinars; online video will soon play a prominent role as well, Goldstone said.

The magazine uses various means to drive readers to the Web site, including running an online table of contents in each issue. The October issue will feature a portion of a Q&A on its back page and will direct readers to the Web site, which will have a transcription of the entire interview as well as an audio component.

Print is also being used to tease certain kinds of content that can only be fully appreciated online.

A recent issue, for example, included an article on a new exhibit at the Indiana University Art Museum that features the work of the late Saul Steinberg, who is known for The New Yorker "View of the World From 9th Avenue" cover. The print article pointed readers to Architect's Web site, where they could see structural interpretations of the oft-copied cover.

From the inception of the magazine, Architect Editor in Chief Ned Cramer said, "There has been a symbiotic relationship between print and online."

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