Hats off to BPA's 'Buy Safe Media'

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I have been enamored recently with the campaign BPA Worldwide has launched promoting audited print as safe media. Besides being particularly creative in its approach, the “Buy Safe Media” campaign makes a strong case to media buyers and owners of companies that advertise in print to be sure the publications they advertise in are audited by a third party. In addition to advertising to ad agencies and promoting its efforts at media buyer events, BPA has gone a step further by letting CEOs of companies that advertise in unsafe (unaudited) print media know that their dollars are at risk of being poorly spent. It has actually mailed them notices that they are buying unsafe media. It's no secret there many ways to underdeliver ad expectations— and provide inaccurate or out-of-date numbers—when a publication is unaudited. Media Business and others have recently reported a dangerous migration by a few, short-sighted publishers to unaudited status. Saving the audit dollars helps out the publishers, of course, but the real savings is the work to maintain circulation in an up-to-date, qualified, requested fashion. Such marketing and data efforts are expensive. And in a bad economy, with company layoffs, bankruptcies and restructuring, employees are often no longer around a year later. It makes one wonder what unaudited publishers are trying to hide. The “Buy Safe Media” campaign has brought more than 5,400 unique visitors to Bob Felsenthal can be reached at [email protected]
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