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Andrew Sambrook has been with International Data Group for 23 years and now serves as VP of IDG Connect, the company's list services, direct marketing and newsletter division. Media Business recently spoke with him about the division's production efforts. Media Business: What challenge is your department facing currently and how are you addressing it? Andrew Sambrook: As a technology demand-generation service group, we need to meet the needs of our community of IT decision-makers and of our advertisers in creating high levels of value and engagement with every touch point. In the information age, technology marketing has evolved in scale and scope. Marketers need to educate, and create high brand value and separate themselves from the clutter. As a global company, it is our task to align the right message to the right people at the right time. The days of generalized shotgun marketing, where advertisers see what sticks, has evolved to microtargeted campaigns where we segment content by role, company size and buying stage. Connecting (to) the audience is a science in terms of segmentation and reporting; and the challenge is working with advertisers in creating compelling, timely content that is neutral between education and sales. Media Business: What recent success has your department had? What would be your advice to any b-to-b production department undertaking the same thing? Sambrook: We (set up and fulfill) demand generation campaigns. We can deliver globally or localized by country, culture and local language. Recently, we have done more behavioral targeting and segmenting, which has greatly increased our levels of engagement. Our clients are doing more precise targeting when it comes to their marketing campaigns, and we are adapting to make sure that we can deliver what they are looking for. Recently, we have seen an increase in the amount of companies that are looking for people with certain software installed or looking for people who have a specific mobile device, whether it be Apple, BlackBerry, Samsung, etc. This is where marketing campaigns are going: Companies want the ability to target beyond just demographic information, and all b-to-b production departments should make sure that they have the resources available to deliver what their clients are looking for. Media Business: What do you consider the biggest worry for production departments in the industry right now? Sambrook: The amount of pre-campaign production work and post-campaign reporting has increased, while the go-to-market time in launching programs has shortened. The pressure and expectations on operations and production teams are increasing rapidly.
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