Highline Media makes smooth transition despite title acquisitions

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Highline Media, based in Cincinnati, has 10 titles, three of which were acquired last fall. Amanda Schuster, audience marketing director, recently spoke with Media Business about the change.

MB: How did the acquisitions change things for Highline Media?

Schuster: It marks the first time this company is using an out-of-house fulfillment system, which is something I've worked with before so the transition has been smooth. It's kind of nice not to have to worry about it. It helps educate us, so if we want to move fulfillment out of house altogether or for some of the other publications, we'll know what we're getting into. It also makes things easier when we make future acquisitions to either bring new titles into our fulfillment system or assess what they have compared with ours.

MB: What works for you?

Schuster: We're selling group subscriptions to companies and managing it through one person at the company. It requires a lot more one-on-one work than with a single subscriber, but you make one big sale. We've had one person working as a company liaison for five or 10 years, both to make sales and work through any issues.

MB: What are the big issues for you right now?

Schuster: List rental. We have two list managers that we're using. We're really working with both of them to be sure we're maximizing our possibilities there and doing everything we can to up that revenue. List rental is getting bigger and bigger for us.

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