Hill Holliday VP finds leads for clients

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Tim O’Leary believes all leads should not be treated equally, and works to make sure his clients e-commerce and customer relationship management programs reflect that belief.

As the head of Hill Holliday CRM Services Group, OLeary helps b-to-b clients, including Dun & Bradstreet Corp. and Verizon Corp., determine how much effort and spending to put into leads.

By merging data from outside companies with its own strong analytical servicesa rarity for an ad agencyHill Holliday can help clients find out who key decision-makers are and how and where they can best be reached.

"You may want to call them directly, or if it is a lukewarm lead, you may want to just send them a direct mail piece," OLeary said.

OLeary is also making sure his unit is able to handle not only CRM, but also e-commerce. For example, it recently built a platform into Dun & Bradstreets site that allows users to click on an icon and, soon afterward, get a call back from a call center rep. The rep can also link servers with the user, allowing for even greater interactivity.

Before joining Hill Holliday last March, OLeary was VP-database marketing at Engage Inc.; before that, he spent nearly 20 years at Epsilon Inc.

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