Humanly relevant ideas will always win

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Christoph Becker is ceo+cco of gyro, the global ideas shop.

At gyro, our mission is to create ideas that are humanly relevant.

In a world alive with connectivity, many people have become numb to businesses and brands. Why? Because the current of information is endless. It bombards us and desensitizes us.

That is why, no matter what you label it, B2B, neo-B2B, B2C, the idea must be humanly relevant. It must strike an emotional response.

Emotion is the key to intimacy between businesses, brands and people. It's there in every choice humans make, whether they are buying laptops or signing million-dollar contracts.

This is what drives us at gyro. We are a global ideas shop with an unconventional DNA. For all of our work for our clients, human relevance and emotion are at the center.

For John Deere and “You're On,” it is about honesty and giving the people who use the products a chance to be heard. We captured dozens of customer-focused stories and devoted an entire website to sharing them. These customers, who have dedicated years of their lives to help John Deere design its latest equipment, were treated like stars on the site. We asked them for their ideas and suggestions. These were then peer rated and analyzed by John Deere in real time, giving loyal customers real ownership of John Deere products.

With Lincoln Financial Group, it was about putting people in charge of their money and future. People are skeptical about what financial institutions have to say. In addition, much of the competition in the finance space was using fear as a motivator. 

The “You're in Charge” campaign is the opposite. We gave everyone a promotion to “Chief Life Officer.” We know that people are in charge of everything from vacations to college tuition, from home renovations to retirement. They are in control. This is a much stronger and more humanly relevant idea than using fear.

With “Get Back to Scratch” for Hobart, we focused on tapping into the professional baker's love for scratch baking. The campaign elevates and empowers the people who literally build their businesses from scratch.

“Get Back to Scratch” used Facebook, Twitter and blogs to enlist scratch-baking enthusiasts and drive small businesses to There have been 30,000 visitors to the site and hundreds of businesses have joined its community to talk about baking. It has been honored by many top outlets including BtoB magazine. And it is just the beginning of the idea.

Whether it is supporting John Deere heavy machinery, Lincoln Financial Group products and services or Hobart food equipment, ideas must be expansive.

All of gyro's briefs start with an ignition point. It is never an end in itself, but the trigger for an explosion of ideas that can expand forever. What we start doesn't stop.

Christoph Becker will be hosting the “Ideas That Grow” panel discussion at the Business Marketing Association's annual conference on May 31. Along with the industry's top creative, he will explore how to influence business decisions and ignite ideas. Click here for more information.

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