Humorous online video keeps bounce rate down on ScaleMatrix's website

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A video—specifically a humorous video that educates potential customers about scalable private clouds—is keeping the bounce rate down on the ScaleMatrix site.

The company, which debuted in 2010, provides a variety of cloud services, co-location and training to small- and midsize businesses. As a newcomer, it has the challenge of not only marketing itself but also the idea of the private cloud, which can be confusing. Its redesigned website, launched Jan. 1, is a big part of the education process.

Although the site is still a work in progress, the company posted an irreverent two-and-a-half minute cartoon in January. The video details the challenges IT personnel face when rolling out a new product, and explains how 3Tera's AppLogic product, which ScaleMatrix licenses, can be used to lessen the burden of application rollouts.

The video has been extremely well-received, said James Heller, director of marketing at ScaleMatrix, keeping the site's bounce rate “low” and getting site visitors to go deeper into the navigation. “When you look at the average time on site, it's on average longer than the video,” he said. “People are coming to the site and sticking around. Our analytics are showing that bounce rate has gone down.”

The video is just the beginning of a larger video strategy, Heller said. Today, the company has a YouTube channel and posts videos to Vimeo as well, he said. The biggest news, however, is that Heller is in the middle of building a 16-by-24-foot green screen studio in its data center that will be used to record “one new video per week,” he said.

“We'll tap our CEO, who sits on a cloud advisory board, as well as guest speakers from related industries and companies,” Heller said. “We need to raise market awareness, and videos are one of the best ways to get educational information out there.”

Heller decided to create an in-house video studio as a way to retain creative control and facilitate the fast turnaround his company will need to hit his one-video-per-week goal.

The first in-house produced video should hit YouTube, Vimeo and the company's website in later this month, and most will include humor, Heller said. “We're going to do a lot of video with AppLogic-certified techs to raise market awareness, which is really important when you're going up against a company that owns the market,” he said.

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