How do I account for my e-mail marketing campaigns’ multichannel sales?

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Answer: Because e-mail is an online tool, marketers may not take full advantage of its power to drive offline sales. According to a recent Epsilon/GfK NOP study, 71% of consumers report that when they receive a relevant e-mail they at least sometimes make a purchase in the store, an increase of 6% over last year. Moreover, 53% say that they make a purchase at a later date after receiving a relevant e-mail.

E-mail marketers generally focus their metrics on those that can be measured immediately: opens, click-through and sales. Yet our data demonstrate that many consumers make purchases long after receiving an e-mail. While we wouldn’t suggest that e-mail marketing is purely a branding tactic, it is important to remember that not all of an e-mail campaign’s impact is felt within 48 hours of sending.

To measure the full impact of a multichannel campaign, a business with a retail store, for instance, could ask consumers to print out a coupon for use in the store or have store staff ask whether a consumer has already subscribed to the e-mail newsletter. And, of course, make sure you’re revisiting your e-mail conversion metrics after a month to ensure you’re capturing all slow responders.

Another example: Epsilon recently worked with a computer hardware reseller to refine its batch-and-blast approach to e-mail marketing. The effort focused on analyzing e-mail recipient behavior, creating a customer segmentation strategy and developing an accompanying dynamic e-mail template so the company could send more relevant offers to its b-to-b customers. Most important, the company established ways to measure the call center sales driven by these e-mails. We found that customers who were active and engaged e-mail recipients were far more valuable than those who did not click on e-mails, with the first group driving 14 times more revenue and spending 40% more on each purchase they made.

Jared Blank is VP-client solutions at Epsilon (, a marketing solutions provider.

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