How do I calculate the cost savings of a Goodmail implementation?

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Answer: It’s the latest buzz and one of the hottest topics of discussion across the industry: the real ROI of the AOL-Goodmail partnership.

Goodmail claims that certifying your company’s e-mail campaigns through its system will produce a 300% return on investment. While this claim has not yet been substantiated, most e-mail marketers agree that certifying your e-mail campaigns will produce some type of ROI. So the real question is: How much can you expect?

Before you start crunching the numbers—calculating your AOL message loss, estimating costs of sending e-mail campaigns and estimating revenue—you must first take steps to ensure you have addressed the existing factors that could be affecting your deliverability rates.

By following a few steps you will not only be able to calculate an accurate ROI from a Goodmail implementation but you will also help ensure that you can qualify for the Goodmail program. Even if you are not considering partnering with Goodmail at this time, these items will help increase delivery of your e-mail to your customers:

  • Ensure your company is not operating an open relay.
  • Regularly monitor the most common real-time blacklists.
  • Remove spam trap addresses from all sources.

Some experts may lead you to believe that Goodmail alone will improve your e-mail deliverability, but the truth is it takes implementing e-mail deliverability best practices to be allowed into the program. If you don’t follow these simple best practices, the likelihood of passing Goodmail’s certification process is reduced greatly.

Spencer Kollas is director of deliverability services for Premiere Global Services (, an outsource provider of business process solutions.

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