Can I use my e-mail campaigns to build brand awareness?

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Do you think about brand as it applies to your company’s e-mail campaigns? Any brand warrior is sure all aspects of an e-mail campaign represent the brand. Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when trying to build brand awareness through e-mail campaigns. 1. Ensure the recipient knows why you’re sending them e-mail. You cannot build trust or respect for your brand if you are spamming prospects and customers. Send e-mail because they asked to receive it. The recipients should feel the copy and creative of the message is relevant to them. If a recipient opted-out of receiving e-mail, make sure to follow through with the company’s non-delivery promise. Give them what they expect from a respected brand instead of randomly sending irrelevant e-mails.

2. Carve a solid entrance strategy. A good entrance strategy helps build a relationship with the recipient and strengthens the brand.Do this by simply adding a sentence to the top of your e-mail along with a link to the recipient’s registration profile. For example, a new member receives a statement saying, "Welcome! Thank you for signing up for our newsletter! You can manage your profile at any time."

3. Display a clearly visible and clickable logo. The first thing that should pop off the screen, preferably in the upper left corner, is the company’s logo—correct in color, font and size. The correct logo following all graphic standards is evidence the e-mail is really from the stated company and not a “phisher.” Additionally, a clickable logo allows for an easy and relevant transition from the e-mail to your Web site.

4. Use three “top” words the reader will remember. These three words should be in the subject line and in your call-to-action. The words should be aligned with your brand promise, and words the recipient will remember and associate with your brand. For example, “ Fast & Easy Meals.” The company name is in the subject line, along with the key words “fast,” and “easy.” Those key words are now aligned with the Real Simple brand.

Follow these simple steps and be on your way to becoming an e-mail branding warrior.


Tricia Robinson is VP-marketing and strategy at Premiere Global Services (, Marketing Automation, an outsource provider of business process solutions.

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