How can I use e-mail landing pages to drive conversions?

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Turning e-mail clicks into conversions isn't difficult; you just need to tightly match your e-mail and your landing page experiences.

A landing page is the first page a visitor views after clicking an ad or e-mail link. In order to turn e-mail readers into paying customers, make your landing pages a direct reflection of your e-mail. A landing page is a continuation of the e-mail; think of the e-mail itself as step 1 and the landing page as step 2.

For example, if your e-mail is promoting a new white paper, the landing page should be all about that new white paper and the reasons why someone should register to download it. Forget the distracting links or extra calls to action. Pare down your copy and imagery, and insert a compelling headline. Limit your copy, choices and navigation on the page so you can keep the user's attention focused on the prize. The goal is to create a simple and clean page that promotes the white paper. Doing so will keep visitors focused and encourage more of them to download the document.

Additionally, if a user doesn't convert on the first click but returns a second or third time, you should offer a different landing page experience. The person is expressing interest in your product or solution but isn't completely sold by the information offered on the original landing page. By offering new, relevant and engaging information that is still consistent with the overall e-mail message, you will move the user closer to conversion.

After all, a good e-mail landing page is simply focused on a single, key action that is directly tied into the e-mail message. Ensuring you have this message match will help you turn e-mail clicks into conversions.

Anna Talerico is exec VP of ion interactive (, a provider of landing page management and optimization software.

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