I keep hearing people talking about 'bacn.' What is this and does it really matter?

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Answer: The e-mail industry is full of acronyms and catch phrases. The newest on the scene is “bacn,” which is not to be confused with the pork product commonly served with a side of pancakes. Bacn ( is e-mail that recipients want—just not right now. While bacn represents a real issue in the e-mail industry, it has sparked some of the most counterproductive banter I have seen.

No matter what name you give it, there is a relevancy issue in the e-mail industry today. E-mail can produce more relevant, personal communications at a fraction of the cost of other channels; but for some reason senders are not delivering on the promise. When the CAN-SPAM Act hit, e-mail marketers stood up and took note. They weren’t just looking at what they needed to do to be compliant, they were looking at what they needed to do in order to be good. Yes, there is a difference, and herein lies the problem: Many e-marketers have lost focus on being good.

If you ever hear yourself spouting off, “We operate a legitimate business” or “We are not doing anything illegal here,” take note that you may not be as good as you think. Being a legitimate business and being a legitimate e-mail marketer are two glaringly different things. Sure your e-mail is legal, but is it good?

Send e-mail recipients what they want instead of wasting your time registering your opinion with groups such as Bacon Lovers Against Calling Annoying Email Bacn (yes, this really does exist). Focus on making your e-mail timely and relevant and leave the bacn for your eggs.

Kara Trivunovic is director of strategic services, Premiere Global Services, eMarketing Solutions (

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