How can I get higher conversion rates from my pay-per-click ads

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Solution: As the saying goes, less is more. But what happens when more equals less? More clicks but less conversions, that is. Here are a few tips to help get higher conversion rates from your pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

Manage your ads actively. Sourcing and uploading new keywords should be a continual task, not just something done at the beginning of your campaign. Keep ahead of the pack by monitoring trends within your marketplace. If there's a new slang term that's associated with your product, include it in your keyword mix. Leaving it out could give your competition an edge and cause you to miss out on some high-converting, low-cost terms. Managing your campaign actively can offer optimized return on advertising spending (ROAS) by hitting "search tail" traffic.

Bid strategically. If possible, updating bids should be a daily task. But if that is not possible, aim for at least once a week. Many PPC advertising firms have free bid manager tools, often called bid or position maintenance tools, which automate the bid updating process and provide an added campaign service. Using these tools and automating the bidding process can help advertisers avoid overspending. You can also avoid overspending by testing your campaign. This will allow you to better gauge the max bid you should set on certain keywords to produce higher conversion rates. Some PPC engines incorporate factors beyond bid price, such as click-through rates, to determine your ad's position. So take this into consideration as well.

Evaluate your campaign properly. Track various sets of data in real time and evaluate campaign performance. Know which keywords deliver the best returns and ensure the right visitors are captured at the right time for the right price. A tracking URL can be used by advertisers to track and analyze campaigns to learn more about visitors' behavior and track conversion rates. Individual tracking URLs are also extremely beneficial for tracking success of separate campaigns or campaigns with multiple providers.

Tony Garcia is CTO at performance marketing services company Miva.

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