How can I make my emails stand out in a crowded inbox?

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These days, it can be tricky to stand out in the inbox, given how much email your recipients receive on a daily basis. The key to avoiding a quick dismissal is delivering an email your subscribers can rely on. Here are some easy ways to improve the look of your email campaigns:
  1. It all starts with a branded stationery design. Whether or not you have a keen eye for HTML, there are options to add polish to your marketing message. Use a design that reflects your brand's personality. A recognizable stationery establishes your campaigns in the minds of your customers, so they'll take the extra moment to pay attention. Even if you're not a Photoshop pro, you can use a tool like PicMonkey to create your own stationery header.
  2. Consistency is key. When your campaigns have a consistent look, your readers will become familiar with your style and appreciate it. Format your text to work for, not against, you. You may be a fan of bright, bold multicolors, but they don't always work in email. Leave the rainbows behind and create a consistent look to your campaigns with a nice, readable font type, color and size throughout the email. Consider putting a little work into your images. A consistent look and size of images will create a campaign that is easy on the eyes.
  3. Make your email digestible. If you have a lot of information that needs to be sent in an email, there are several ways you can get your readers to the good stuff a little faster. Use a table of contents at the top of an email; it'll help your readers get to the articles they're interested in right away. Use landing pages and “read more” links to tell the rest of your story; they'll shorten the email while still giving recipients the option to click through to the rest. It's also a great way to measure the popularity of your content.
Consider these tips when you're creating your next email campaign and your brand will command attention in the inbox. Kelli Liszka is a customer support specialist at Emma Inc., ( an email marketing and online communications company.
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