IAB launches PSA campaign to mitigate behavioral targeting concerns

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New York—The Interactive Advertising Bureau has launched a public service announcement campaign, together with some of the industry’s largest digital publishers, to address public fears about behaviorally targeted online advertising.

The campaign teases with the concept of consumer privacy, with banner ads proclaiming “Advertising is creepy.” However, mousing over the banner reveals reassuring text asserting that advertisers don’t use “personally identifiable information” in deciding where to serve their ads. Clicking on the banners drives viewers to IAB's "Privacy Matters" site, with FAQs about Internet privacy.

Participating in the campaign, created by ad agency Schematic, New York, are publishers such as Google’s YouTube, AOL, Yahoo, The New York Times and Microsoft, which have committed to donate a combined 500 million impressions for the campaign.

Also launched last week was a countervailing campaign from the consumer watchdog group Center for Democracy and Technology, to encourage a lobbying campaign to urge lawmakers to pass online privacy laws.

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