IBM, T-Mobile top Covario's high-tech SEO ranking

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IBM Corp. and T-Mobile tied for first place on Covario's SEO Audit Score Industry Rankings, a new report that evaluates the SEO performance of 35 global technology companies. The SEO Audit Score uses a proprietary methodology to rank the SEO performance of the websites of tech companies in three areas: content, technical capabilities and linking. Companies are given a total score between 0 and 100, with 0 representing “poor” and 100 representing “excellent.” Covario did not release the actual scores, citing confidentiality. “IBM was the only company that had a perfect score in the subcategories of content and technical factors,” said Arnel Leyva, director of product marketing at search engine marketing company Covario and author of the report. However, he said, “IBM's linking score was not as high.” The content score is based on how well companies optimize keywords relating to their product categories and brands on their websites; the technical score is based on the ability of search engines to “crawl” the websites of companies and quickly load them; and the linking score is based on the amount and quality of outside links that refer to the websites of tech companies. “We have found that old-guard technology companies are not very good at linking,” Leyva said. “These guys really built their brand through the traditional sense—they didn't use the Internet to build their brand. They don't have to be popular at linking because they already have brand equity.” He said “new-guard technology companies,” which grew up during the age of the Internet, are much better at linking. T-Mobile had the second-highest linking score of all companies (after Dell Inc.), and high content and technical scores. “Lots of websites link back to,” Leyva said. “The company is a winner in the Internet's popularity contest.” Following IBM and T-Mobile, the top tech companies overall were Dell, Hewlett-Packard Co., Rackspace, Intel Corp., Microsoft Corp., Net App, Canon Inc., Epson Corp. and Eastman Kodak Co. The report also broke out tech companies by category. In the computer software category, the winner was IBM, followed by Microsoft and Adobe Systems. “No other high-tech company could touch IBM's perfect content and technical audit scores,” Leyva said. In the computer hardware and office equipment category, the winner was Dell, followed by Apple and HP. “Dell had the highest linked score out of everyone,” Leyva said. “They came of age in the Internet era. They are really good at linking.”
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