IDC: Tougher times for tech marketing


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“With aversion to risk by C-level executives, the slight downturn and concern for growth in the next year, folks are shifting more to lead-generation programs,” Gerard said. “It is important to have a strong lead management process in place. Are you tracking from a measurement perspective the conversion of leads? Do you have a feedback loop in place with the sales group and a strong lead nurturing process?” IDC offered additional strategies for tech marketers this year. “Be prepared to withstand a budget reduction,” Gerard said. “If your CEO or CFO hasn't come by asking you to make cuts, be prepared for that.” However, while marketers may be expected to make budget cuts, it is important for them to keep the core elements of the marketing business model in place and productive, he added. Another important strategy is the alignment of marketing and sales, including integrating marketing and sales operations, increasing the strategic role of field marketing and focusing on sales enablement. IDC said tech marketers must also transform their marketing organizations to improve efficiency. “Historically, we have seen marketing in silos,” Gerard said. “Companies need to have more of a shared services model, including advertising, analyst relations, public relations and market intelligence.” Finally, marketers must work to improve the effectiveness of their marketing performance measurement processes, IDC said. M
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