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David Steinhardt is president-CEO of the International Digital Enterprise Alliance (IDEAlliance), a not-for-profit group that focuses on IT issues in the publishing industry.

Media Business: In a devastating time for publishing, your organization is growing.

Steinhardt: In times like this, people need things like IDEAlliance to help them figure out what's happening around them and how they're going to get to the future. One of the things we're really pushing this year is to try and aid publishers and advertising agencies in bringing together the online production staffs and print production staffs. Most production operations at publishers or ad agencies are being reorganized and asked to move across all media. Content moves in different ways than it used to using XML and other technology. The two sides have to be melded, and they have a lot to learn from each other.

MB: How will you do that?

Steinhardt: One way is through an eMedia Certification program to help both sides understand how the other works and what the other can offer. We want to empower the print folks to understand the way e-media works. And the Web side has to understand how work flow can work effectively. They are really two different cultures, two different generations, that need to come together.

MB: It sounds like a good novel.

Steinhardt: It could be. The second thing for us this year is that work flows need to be com-pletely reinvented. With new technologies and content moving in ways it never has before—some of it coming from the end-user—work flows are under siege. We're putting together a series of best practices as well as an online expo of products and services related to this. Right now, we look at print as an art rather than a science. That needs to flip. It needs to be a totally efficient process. —M.J.M.

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