IDG Enterprise's LeadAccel designed to nurture leads

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IDG Enterprise, publisher of Computerworld, announced last month that in January it will debut a new online reporting service called LeadAccel. The service will offer lead reporting, scoring and nurturing.

To gather more specifics about LeadAccel and how IDG built the platform, Digital Directions interviewed two IDG Enterprise executives: Brian Glynn, senior VP-digital, and Gregg Pinsky, senior VP-general manager, online operations.

Digital Directions: What does LeadAccel offer marketers?

Brian Glynn: We're trying to give our customers deeper knowledge about what our users—their prospects and customers—are doing and how that makes them a more qualified lead. We go beyond just pure registration information or business card data.

For example, we know this IT executive is reading editorial content on virtualization. He's also commenting on articles about virtualization. He has also downloaded a white paper and a webcast from a marketer on virtualization. What that is bringing to life is that this IT executive is doing a deep dive on virtualization.

So we're going to advance that user down that path by exposing them to multiple assets from our client. We'll know, if this person downloads this white paper, I then want to expose them to this webcast. It's all about sales enablement. We want to advance that user through the funnel for our client.

DD:How long did it take to create the LeadAccel platform?

Gregg Pinsky: From start to finish, I would say it took about six months. Some of that was preplanning, some the development work, but it was about a six-month undertaking from the time it was greenlighted as a project.

DD: How many people worked on the project?

Pinsky: It varied—anywhere from three people at certain phases to almost 12 developers and developer management working on it in other phases.

DD: Tell us about how the new platform is different from what went before?

Pinsky: With the product that went before, we had many different systems in place because we maintain independent brands within IDG Enterprise. Even the way people would register for different types of content from both edit and the third-party sources, like white papers, was different.

Now we've now built a unified platform for publishing and for the third-party sources like white papers and webcasts. We made that user experience consistent. A lot of what we used is open source to create this, but we also integrated some third-party services.

DD: What were some of the biggest challenges in creating LeadAccel?

Pinsky: To be able to deliver the functionality to the marketer in terms of what the user is doing, whether that is downloads or figuring in participation in face-to-face events or editorial stories and other content they're engaging with on our site. We had to put all that together, and build a profile and store that individual data based on certain, specific behavior. And we had to be able to deliver the appropriate content to nurture them at that point.

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