IDG Enterprise showcases custom video with Avaya

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In April 2009, IDG Communications brought together its b-to-b brands—CIO, Computerworld, CSO, InfoWorld, ITworld and Network World—to create IDG Enterprise and named Michael Friedenberg president-CEO. A single custom media department was created by combining the best of what each independent unit had previously. “When your revenue is 60% online, the skill sets and the talents you need are very different than they were when you were 90% print,” Friedenberg said. “There's an art and a science to media today. We're very good at the art of creating incredible content and rich websites. Now we're getting much better at the science of media, which requires leveraging technology, data services, video, mobile and more.” IDG Enterprise is showcasing its online video expertise in a multiplatform, global custom program for Avaya. The program, which debuted in October, features a six-episode video series titled “CIO Debate.” In the series thought leaders in the CIO community discuss innovation, business collaboration and customer service. Online video as a medium is important for Avaya, which counts it as critical its own future as a unified communications company. One of the company's new initiatives is the Avaya Flare Experience, which is a collaboration platform featuring a desktop interface that allows a user to manage telephony, video conferencing, instant messaging, documents, an Internet connection and contact management in real time. Using video was one critical element in Avaya's outreach to CIOs, said Laura Misdom, director of global brand management at Avaya. “Traditional print and other media are not as rich in delivering on a debate concept as video,” she said. “Nonverbal communication is so effective when a person has a strong position on a topic.” Avaya also wanted to make sure the custom microsite for this program would be “a single place for CIOs to find all of the information they would need to help inform them and solve some business issues,” Misdom added. Through the site, users can access research findings, hear a podcast on the role of CIOs in innovation, explore an Avaya Resource Center and engage in social media through connections with Facebook, Twitter and Digg.
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