IDG introduces social media advertising infrastructure on its sites

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Framingham, Mass.—IDG Communications, the publisher of Computerworld, has teamed with, a social media advertising company founded in 2007, to launch a social media-oriented infrastructure for b-to-b marketers on IDG Web sites.

“What we are trying to do is unlock the potential of social media” for b-to-b marketers, said Matt Yorke, IDG Communications’ senior VP-sales and marketing.

Called IDG Amplify, the program, which is available now and being tested by some larger IDG advertisers, allows marketers to spark conversations about their products and services on,,, and other IDG communities. Moreover, with Amplify, users expand these conversations to include their Facebook friends or Twitter followers.

Yorke envisions an Amplify social media campaign working this way: “An advertiser would run an ad on our site. It would look like a regular display ad, but it could say, ‘Question of the day. What do you want to see from a smart phone: option A or option B?’ And the user could click on that and say, ‘I want to see option B.’”

People joining these conversations started via an Amplify ad will not leave the IDG site. However, these users will be able to post their part of the conversation to their Facebook or Twitter accounts, using the Word of Mouth Impression technology.

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